Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Today my friend said something to me, which wasn't very revolutionary but yet it did not only open my ears but also my eyes. I think that majority of all people always seek what the future will bring us, what will happen in a month or months from now. But why are we constantly trying to figure out the best possible outcome in months from now, instead of looking at the present situation and what you can do today?
I can tell you three months ago I had no idea I would be standing here, my plan has changed 360 degree since then. How am I suppose to know what I will be doing in January or what my priorities will be then. You can't be sitting in the present and planing your future, you can have goals, but your plans will change no matter how hard you try to fight it. Focus on what makes you happy today, focus on what YOU, yourself can do, to get to that place you may hope to be in a couple of months or years. Have hopes and dreams, but no plans. Because in a couple of months not only will our plan from today have changed, but you will have a completely new set of plans and goals that you will be striving for six months from now. I think that is what stops us from living in the presents. Start doing shit that makes you happy today. Screw what you want in a month, screw what you want in a year. You will get there if you just follow your heart instead of your head, and most importantly, you will have lived more and learned more about yourself.