Friday, May 7, 2010

Be your own wonder.

Giving up on something is seen as weak, but sometimes it is a must. Sometimes it’s unbearable, sometimes it's worth it, and most importantly; sometimes it’s just something you have to do to be able to develop to your potential. Maturing is one of the main and hardest processes you go through in life. Yes, in ways it is helpful having that certain someone helping you through it. But if you after able to go through it on your own, you not only learn twice as much, but you are able to grow in your way, do what you want, and it helps you develop into your own individual. Because unless you share the same DNA and you’re a Siamese twin, you are not destined to be “stuck” with one and other for the rest of your lives. Other than that any kind of road can appear and one may go right and one may go left. What happens then? What happens if you have then grown into this one person? Its more tearing, its harder to then find yourself again when you’ve once have built an identity. It is a must to know who you are, to know what you want, to know where you are going here in life. Because in the end of the day you are the one walking this earth, you are the one standing on this world alone, depending it on anyone else is neither fair to you, nor the one you are with. Find you identity, find you strengths and find your needs first, then find that certain someone that shares the same aspirations.