Saturday, May 8, 2010

The sarcophagus of self.

Recently I have been feeling that I am not living my life to my fullest! I believe I do things for myself for the sake of excitement and the pleasure of rushing adrenaline. BUT, besides that? when do I do anything for anyone else?
So I have thought of 6 things that I should do everyday and before I go to bed I should write them down.

1. Do something for someone else
2. Do something for Myself
3. Do something that NEEDS to be done.
4. Do a physical exercise
5. Do a mental exercise
6. Make a wish.

I think if you do the same you will have a better good night sleep, and more of a reason to wake up with a bigger smile :)

Try it! I'll shall start today, and see how it goes. BUT now, I'm off for an exciting day in KL, since its only 3 weeks until I move, So I'm going to make it a productive one!