Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures of Maddy and Stina in US and A; Diren Park

Today was an exciting day. We woke up rise and shine early 9 am to head out to Diren Lake where there was a theme park. I can tell you that it definitely got my adrenaline running. Maddy, Sydney and I got Tattoos! hahahahaha JOKES.
We decided to get the takiest tattoos and we did. Maddy loves her beautiful cross and is now thinking of getting a real one. It truly suites her personality. hehe :)
After that we spent 2 hours waiting for Sydney in court. Yes, she got caught drinking HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Might not be so funny but she is now charged with 12 hours x 2 alcohol alertness class and a 50 dollar fine. I'm sorry but I will continue to make fun of you Syd. Now I am home and I just had my chicken finger buffalo Sub, can it get better? Nope :)
Now I am drinking hot chocolate and Im going to go skype with my buddy and then off to bed. Tomorrow Maddy and I are going wedding dress shopping because we are getting married soon. Stay tuned of the adventures of Maddy and Stina in America.
Good night folks.