Friday, June 18, 2010

The good kind of butterflies :)

There are many different kinds of butterflies. To me there are two main ones, the actual insect and then the belly butterflies.
I know that we all get these butterflies in our stomachs when we are excited for something, when we are anxious for something to happen or maybe even when we are just plain happy.
Does matter what feeling it is, these butterflies flips the situation and makes you feel good. This morning I woke up with butterflies and I haven't stopped smiling. I went to bed in a more worried mood but woke up to an alarm that reminded me of something. Automatically my frown turned into a smile due to these butterflies. There is excitement to every situation, it is up to you what you want to turn it in to. It all has to do with your attitude towards it, how you approach a situation. But honestly as cheesy as it sounds, take it with a smile. Because every situation gives you a reason to smile. There is always a positive angle to things, it's in front of you, it's you who decides whether to take it or not.
So go to bed with that frown if you want, but it will only be you twisting and turning throughout the night. Learn to look and find the bright side in things. It only helps you and brightens your day. Sometimes you learn from the bad things, and a lesson learned is always worth smiling about.

Think about the butterflies. I know I do.
3 days. :)