Sunday, June 27, 2010

Buffalo with the wing

Today was my first day in Buffalo! I love it. Woke up at around 1pm (first timein my life) shows how exhausted I was from New york! A good sign though :)
I met Maddy cousins and aunt. I love them! They are hilarious. Craziest family I know! But probably the most loveable ones. Honestly, its impossible to not like them.
Anyways after watching America loose (HAHA!) we decided to go Gambelingggg!! Yea thats irght. I lost 100 dollars whilst maddy however gained 5 dollars. BUT won 100 dollars at one point ! Yea we started off with 100 dollars. I lost it all except for 90 cents. Maddy had 105 dollars. So yes, 5 dollar gain. Yes, you will be seeing her there on Monday morning at 7, because thats when the odds are the highest. Addict... :)
Here are some photos! Anywayy! Im off to a good night sleep. Hopefully It will be easier to fall asleep tonight. Hard without a snuggle partner :)
<3 Good night world.