Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I feel at home.

This doesnt necessarily mean a place, this could also be with someone. It is just as important to be able to be in a comfortable place as it is to be comfortable WITH someone. For an example, when my friend Madeleine and I are together it doesn't matter where we are; school, her house, my house, hotel, pool, garden or even jungle, but I am comfortable to the extent that the place no longer matter where you are as long as your are comfortable with someone.
Some may say that it is unnecessary to expose yourself to others, but honestly; ITS NOT! Its healthy! Most definiate, it's important! It's important to have that one person in your life (it only needs to be with one.) that you are so comfortable and relaxed with that nothing matters. Some may have more than one; I know I do! But Madeleine is definately one in particular that im really comfortable with. Think about it! Ask yourself who do you like walking around a place with without any pants? Better have one! Otherwise, find one! Its great :)

Ok fine! Maybe not this exposed! haha. The pictures just made me smile. :)

Yours always, Stiniwini.
♥ Be unique, Be smart.