Saturday, December 25, 2010

That was my christmas 2010

So My christmas was over! Today was such a great day. It started off by the most beautiful christmas weather, with 1 meter of thick white snow and sunshine. Then we went into our sauna and then we had christmas lunch. Yum yum! Where we sang and drank for hours, it was alot of fun and very filling!!
I have now gotten all my presents. I literally got EVERYTHING i asked for. Which was ironic because this year I asked about really general stuff, but turned out to be some of the best presents I have ever recieved.
I got a GANT bathrobe which I am NEVER taking off and now I am having a cup of tea and reading Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book that I got from Kajsa. Everyone is asleep and I just can't stop smiling. I am so grateful for everything I got and this day, but most of all; I am very grateful for my family, all 12 of them :)

Good night little elves. I hope Santa brings you loads of presents tonight guys!

Merry Christmas everyone.