Monday, September 12, 2011

a little dream of joy

I love when you have fallen asleep after a long day and the room is pitch blackdark. Your body is so heavy and your thoughts are far in to your dreams. When you wake up to your phone ringing and you answer with a dead "hello" and recieve the most comforting and familiar "Hey, it's me."you know. That is what I love about love, that it really doesn't matter what mood you are in, what hour of the day/night it is, you still get the warmest feeling pass through your body whilst your heart skips an extra beat. To me that is the best definiton of love. I may hate being away from Henrik, but nothing gives me a better kick start to my day or dreams than talking to him. Because no matter how upset I may be at him, how much I may miss him, he really is my enerybooster! You should really have an energybooster, if you don't have one; GET ONE! :)