Friday, September 16, 2011

early bird!

Yesterday I got my American Visa! With a few twist and turns and a few "stina" U-turns and some 6,5 hours waiting later I managed to get my visa! WOHO! 
Then it was Stocken time! Unfortunately, my last Stocken before I leave for San Diego. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S 9 DAYS UNTIL I LEAVE? Crazy! 
Well I was up the entire night with the worst fever and sweating flods and my stomach wasn't doing too well either. At the verge of dying at around 4 am, Henrik calls me! :) That always puts me in a good mood and helped my body rehabilitate itself. He is my nervecalmer! Whilst I was speaking to Henrik I went for the most amazing autumn walk at 6 am, the sun was just coming up and the air was amazingly cool and the temperature was perfect from the sun. It is these moments where I just love autumn, other ew. Then I got home at around 8am had my breakfast called my mom and then did my laundry and cleaned the bathroom and kitchen at the same time! Now I have spinning in 2 hours and then it is IKEA at 4! Waho! Then some very much just friends cozy loving time tonight. See how much you get done by just getting out of bed at a normal hour? :)