Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Day 2: Shopping!

Today I woke up really early, due to the jetlag probably, and went for a run along the boardwalk at 6 am. You would be surprised of how many people are out in the morning! I then just sat on the beach and watched the surfers surf to sunrise, it was so gorgeous. Again, the scenery is so beautiful you can't keep yourself from smiling. Then Henrik had to go to school so I decided to do some shopping. I bought too much! :) But good stuff! Unfortunately, the only thing I forgot, which was the whole reason of going shopping, was to buy a camera! So I will do that tomorrow instead. Henrik got really sick during the day and had to go to his University's hospital, he's been feeling bad all week, but it got really bad today. As we were riding the bus back to Henrik's place, we met up with a guy who was selling his car, which Henrik also bought! Very nice. A convertible, which will be be nice here in the sun and perfect for when you go surfing. You can just pop your boards in there! Anyways, Now it's time for bed. We're getting up early to go surfing in the morning. Sleep tight everyone.