Saturday, September 24, 2011

A winglini feeling

I don't even know where to begin. Last night was STIL fashion show, which we have been planning since January. It was the best feeling watching everything. I was so proud of my group members for what they have accomplished and amazed with all the designers and our gorgeous models. 
Today, it is my final day in Sweden. It feels weird. It doesn't feel like I am really leaving. I am very excited to go to San Diego, explore a new city, dance every day and to see Henrik. But it is weird when you leave people behind. Because it is not like I am moving forever, I will see everyone in 4 months. But it is still an important part of my life that I am pausing. I like my routines. I like my friends. I love Uppsala and everything that revolves around it. So I may not be sad about it, but I have this weird feeling about it. I'm going to call it.....hmm.... the winglini feeling!! Yea, that describes it! :)
Well anyways, I am still packing... but hopefully I will be done in time for my dinner!