Saturday, September 17, 2011

Compliments. Compliments are easy. Sometimes compliments are just made for the sake of courtesy. Some you take to the heart, some are just an everyday passing comments. Some compliments you remember for the rest of your life. Some compliments you are given, subconciously defines the person that gave them to you. Do you want to know what I like most about compliments? I like the fact they do nothing then cheer people up. Doesn't matter if people find them "fake" and that person "fake"; Because for that slightest moment when they are given that compliment, it does trigger your "happiness" neurons in your brain and your heart does smile for a second. Because no matter if they really mean the compliment or not, you still take it to heart, in hoping that it is true! I love compliments and I do love complimenting people when I see them, because 99% of the time there is at least one thing that I like about that person, it can be something they are wearing, something they just have done or succeeded with or just how they look that day, so why not then throw them that extra compliment? Why think to yourself "She looks great today! is it her hair?" and why don't you express it?