Monday, September 10, 2012

Memories is the only thing that stays the same, when everything else and everyone else changes.

I was sitting and reading a book yesterday when it all hit me. When you are going through changes in life, you automatically fall into a small form of depression, because there is always an insecurity when cause of change. Everybody adapts differently, some have an easier way of adapting to the new life, and some may just find it harder accepting that things are changing. I love changes, always have and always will, because it is how I was brought up. I was brought up moving around alot and I attended a school where you changed friends every semester, because every semester someone moved and new people came. Im a third culture kid, and we must find it easy adapting to change because we are brought up with lives changing everyday.

I think this is partially why I don't hold on to things for very long. I don't hold alot of gurdges, because I forgive and forget quickly. But then yesterday when I was sitting and reading my book and thinking to myself about all the changes that have been happening and that are happening in my life as we speak. Why am I now all of a sudden, for the first time in my life, finding it hard to adapt to the new changes? Because I am holding on to comforting memories. Memories that I buried so deep in my heart for the sake of a form of security, because memories don't change. Memories is the only thing that stays the same, when everything else and everyone else changes.
I think that is what it's all about. It is not about trying to get over someone, because you don't need to fall out of love to move forward and move on. You just have to accept that things are different now. You have to accept that people change. You have to accept that it is just not going to be the same any longer. Even though it is the hardest part about moving on, but accepting things is still a start. Eventually, you start to accept that things are different and that certain someone is no longer the person you want them or need them to be, you eventually start to loose the feelings you once felt, because those feelings you feel and have in your heart, respresents something that no longer is there.
But it is also comforting and a form of security knowing that that memory will always be there, if you ever need it to remind yourself of something. All memories are special, because they have all have had an impact on you; how you see and reflect on things, and why you are the person that you are today.
Be proud of what you have, but accept that it is just a memory and no longer a reality. And eventually you will learn that that certain type of love you once felt is just a buried memory.