Thursday, September 6, 2012

My daily gesture:

As I was just walking home from having dinner with some friends, I was just about to reach my friend's place. I heard someone crying and when I turned the corner I saw a girl sitting by herself on the stairs. As the store was about to close just up the street, I ran back to it and bought her chocolates. Because I thought in any time of tears, chocolate always cheers someone up. When I got back, the girl was still sitting and sobbing out in the cold. I walked up to the girl and I sat next to her. I said "I know you don't know me, but if you want to talk, I'm good at listening..." the girl didn't say anything she just stared at me. Then I said "Well if I can't cheer you up, I know this chocolate will." The girl gave me a quick smile and then completely fell apart and cried... I just hugged her, because I realized it was the only thing I could do. Then she began to speak and told me why she was crying... We talked for about 40 minutes, until she stopped crying and even got her laughing. I gave the girl the chocolate I had bought and she went back up to her building and I went to my friend.

Now I am sitting here on my bed, just about to go to bed. And I am thinking about the girl. All the girl needed was to ventilate, and not to someone who knew her, to just anyone that had no bias view and to someone that she would most likely never face again. It was such a little gesture from my behalf, but I got her to stop crying and even laughing and probably just helped her from having a sleepless night.
I know I feel alot better knowing that I made some what of an impact today.
Life can suck in all kinds of different ways. But we all need each other to realize that we are not alone. Whether it is from a friend or a stranger :)

Good night.