Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Sometimes you can't effect the big stuff in life, but you can have a huge impact on the small stuff.

You know when you are in a relationship you always do small cute stuff to make the other person smile, and in a way you make their day. Well it is one of the things that I love most about relationships, doing small touches that turns another person's day around. It is also something that I am really starting to miss. I have all this energy built up, and yet cannot release it!  :)
So I came up with this idea!
I am a heavy believer on karma; If you do good things, good things will happen to you. If you do bad things, it will come biting you back in the ass. Well! As of right now, my karma hasn't been the best! I have been trying to figure out what I have done to have all this crap raining down on me, but to be a 100% honest, I really can't come up with anything!!
So I have decided, instead of figuring out what I may have done, I am going to turn my karma around. By doing good deeds...
So everyday I am trying to do one generous deed that makes someone smile, and maybe even makes their day!
Yesterday I was standing in line to buy a coffee before classs. There was a boy behind me and when I got to the cashier I said "I'll take his coffee as well". The boy looked at me and said "Why? You don't have to do that." and I said "No, I want to. But only if I can do one thing." and the boy agreed to my offer and said "Okay..." I asked for a pen and when the lady behind the counter handed us our coffees, I took the boys cup and drew a Smiley-face on it. Then I handed the cup back to him and said "Have a nice day!" and smiled and walked away.
It was a small gesture but it was a gesture that made the boy smile, and maybe even made his day. But it also made me feel good! I did a good thing, but then also got to load of some of the "cute-couples-stuff" energy that is built inside of me. So honestly, it is so easy to feel better. It's the small stuff that counts.