Sunday, February 3, 2013

the count down has begun

Yesterday was such a beautiful day in Stockholm! and so is today! It feels as if Spring is here! Right when I am leaving, ayoooo! But I will be back for the real spring. So it won't be that bad! Yesterday I was lucky enough to see my Rebecca! From San Diego! It's been way too long! So it was definitely nice to soak up the saturday sun with her. Then I joined my ladies; Emma and Natalie for some drinks and some dancing! ( OF COURSE! SINCE IT WAS MY TASK FOR SATURDAY!) Today I have a bunch of fun photoshoots to do! So I am very excited, then a picnic in the park ( maybe a little bit too optimistic since I will be wrapped in a hundreds layers of clothing) with Emma. BAAAAMMMM! LADIES & GENTLEMEN, I am leaving within 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!