Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Past Couple Of Days

I got to see Mrs Tan for some coffee and gossiping. She was one of my absolute favorite teachers in high school.

I went out with my lovely McNamara

I got to see one of my absolute oldest friends, Mitchell Curtis, and had a great night out. 

Went to dinner with Emma and of my newest and absolutely amazing human being Chris Tabassi. He is such a unique individual. Absolutely outsatnding and incredible. You can not NOT love him. 

Celebrated Valentines :)

Had a birthday dinner for my amazing Mr. Tan! He was my old driver back in the days. I practically grew up with him. He is like no other. The kindest man there is! :)

Beef Queso and Buffalo Chicken Wings at Chilis! 

Have had about 50 Barbie weddings with this little Girl...


Exploring the city with these lovely girls :)