Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I'm finally home.

I am finally here! After 19 hours of traveling, I have landed in probably the best country in the world, Malaysia. I am finally home. For the first time in almost 3 years. It feels so weird, to be back, because in a way it feels as if I just got back from winter break in Sweden. Smelling the warm air, hearing the busy traffic and building constructions, this is my country and I love every little bit about it. I couldn't sleep the entire plane ride here, probably due to the adrenaline pumping of excitement through my entire body. I landed this morning at 7 am, and I took the taxi straight to Emma Mcnamaras house! To surprise her momma at the door and wake her up! I can't believe its been 2,5 years since I saw her last, yet it feels as we only saw each other last week. Im just about to head to KLCC to have lunch with Emma and her aussie friends.  I can't stop smiling! Thats how happy I am right now. Its glued across my face! To be honest, the last time I was this happy was my 20th brithday! It's too good to be true :)