Saturday, February 9, 2013

A little bit of KL

Emma McNamara

Had Beef Queso and buffalo chicken wings at Chilis for dinner my first night, of course! 

The Twin Towers. The view from the rooftop where Emma and I shoot that random commercial, my first night. 

The so called "Stage" on the roof top for the commercial...

An Asian.

Another asian walking on a roof.

A very black rugby player,  from the commerical.

Emma and I at DELICIOUS!!! Finally got my grilled cheese sandwich!

Pool! Sunbathing during the day.... then 3 O'clock rain... I love the tropical weather

Yes yes and yes, my favorite sushi.

Sushi. There is no better sushi than KL sushi... fine, probably... But it beat Sweden's by far.

Massive Sephora store has come to KL! They have also brought Victora Secret and H&M to this lovely country... should have thought about that 8 years ago...

Chinese taxi drivers!

Funnest soaps! Sephora, such a great present. 

Of course, I have already done my first shopping spree at my favorite shopping mall in this world. PAVILION.

I wake up to this amazing view every morning. 

Yupp, these are the first photos from KL. More to come. 
I love you.