Friday, July 9, 2010

I am now 19!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yesterday I turned 19 years old. My last year as a teenager. This sucks! 19 is such an insignificant age. 18 you are legal, and 20 you are legal to buy alcohol in stores in Sweden, but 19 is nothing. But then again it is your last year as a teenager. Well either way, I'm excited! It's going to be a good year! I can already feel it :)
Yesterday I had a little dinner where we had Kajsa's (My little sister) friends from her boarding school here. I got a few of my lovely ladies too! I had my Alexandra, Sara and Christina :) Its all we need to make a good time!
Here are some photos from the night. I hope you enjoy them!
But thanks again ladies for coming. I loved your presence and your gifts! :D
I have really missed you and it's great to be back home again!
Christina, thank you for a random as hell night haha and some good talk. RUSSIA vs BORAT Country CANT BEAT THAT! :)
Ladies, I can't wait for Cannes! Its gonna be CRAZYYY!