Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It keeps rolling when you have fun

I havent been keeping up very well lately, but now Im on track! sort of.
Still working at the golf course, CRAZY STUFF. But I got a few days off over the weekend so I visited the capital, Stockholm, OHHHHHHHHHH. Good Stuff. I needed a few days to regain my strength for my last two weeks at the golf course.
I also got to see Chris and his lovely girlfriend Lisa, which was really nice! a good little catch up.

Now time is flying by! I have picked up my new hobby, Kite surfing, AWESOME! You're a loser if you don't try it. Its a very good adrenaline running exercise, wears the *peep* out of you, but its just pure fun whether you're good or not.

Today, Gronhogen golf had 2 celebrities here! OMG!! haha.
No, but it actually spiced up my day! :)

Also, I have the lovely accompany of my friend Emma johansson here! After 2 years apart we get to enjoy every living breathing second together for the next 2 weeks! WE LOVE IT. ;)
So if you want to come and join us, you're more than welcome!

But for now, Im going to continue to find an apartment. Wish me luck! OR help me out! haha.

Good night lovely humans,