Thursday, July 22, 2010

I can ruin your dress!!

So last night one of the most embarassing things happened to me. Yet, I am one of those people that rarely get embarassed by things, I really dont... But this was horrible. As I am serving this lady when the house was packed, I dropped an entire glass of red wine all over her. From the shoulder down to her feet. So I pretty much ruined her dress. I literally just ran out and called for my sister Christina and bursted into tears. The lady was very kind about it and so was everyone else.
It is super busy this week, more than last week and next week is gonna get worse AHHH! I need a break, cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt wait.
Chris and I were so happy that we finally found a great apartment in Uppsala in the middle of everything. I got so psyched! But it turned out to be fake. I at least have my dorm but id prefer an apartment... If you know anything or anyone! PLEASE WRITE TO ME.
I miss you Madeleine quiet alot right about now. We cant keep missing each other like this. Her and I are officially doing long distance, it sucks.
But yes, I miss you and I am very happy for you. I wish I was with you hun.
As for now I have 2 hours until I start work so Im giong to get running and do my daily workout, WOOP TO THE HOOP.
See you soon lovely people.