Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stiniwini had a robbery....NOT or maybe!

Yes! I'm off for the weekend! Therefore I decided to head down to Skåne. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go kitesurfing if its good weather!! I love this sport. It's addicting. Besides that I will be seeing a few peeps and hanging with my lovely sister Kajsa, which I hardly ever get to do, SO BONDING! :D


Tonight when we got home around midnight our house door was open, as in open by a decimeter. First thought obviously a robbery. So the alarm went off and the police called. Then we called to check with the people that had been here last to check if they locked and how blah blah blah... When we get off the phone with them 3 minutes later we are all (mom, me and kajsa) standing in the hall, BOOM the entire house's light shut off! Creepy as fucking hell.

We all run out into the car and lock all our doors to realize that we forgot the carkeys inside. of course there is no way in hell that anyone is going inside the house when its pitch black and the lights just mysteriously goes off hmm...

We call the police and they arrive like 20 minutes later. By far the scarriest 20 minute sof my life.

They come and find nothing. So either they wer ein teh house and heard that we came home and turned of the lights to be able to run out without being seen or yea we dont know. Scary as hell. So now I'm not giong to bed. WOOOHO.

But yes, now you all know my adventures night.

Listen to the song

So you do - Slimi jimi bubby boy

I like!

Have a good night people and I hope you get to bed.

Zzzzzzz , Stiniwini.