Thursday, July 29, 2010


Yay today I got to start at 3 pm, woop to the double hoop! Unfortunately the weather sucks and Stina is sick. So what does Stina do on crappy days with a throat in pain that she is considering to chop it off? She eats candy. LOADS OF CANDY! Mmmm
& She watches funny things to cheer her up.

My friend showed me this really funny video and for some reason it is still cracking me up after like 10 times of watching it. So Im just going to share it with you all:

Im trying to paste the link but it is not letting me so im jst going to tell you to go to and "Double rainbow"
It is so funny. Just watch the entire thing, it gets better and better. Gives you a good laugh. like hahahahahahhahahaha good one.

1. Go to youtube and watch the video.

2. Listen to "Look into your eyes" by outlandish, I LIKE! veyr nice and chill. Its a good song to wake up to.
anywho i hope you like my photo. Have a good day! I hope I help all sick people out there with a little cheer me up.
Good stuff.
Goodbye wicked people,