Tuesday, July 6, 2010

See you soon Gummybear

Today I am leaving my Madeleine. It's a day I have been preparing myself for for the past 6 months. Some may think that "well it is not like you aren't going to see her again." You are right. I am! But Maddy and I are different. She isn't just a best friend that you hang out with once in a while and have lunch with at school, she's my other half. I have shared every memory, every lunch, every weekend, every sleepover, every movie, every secret, every tear and pretty much every laughter the past 4 years. We never asked each other what we the other one's plan was for the weekend we just said "Maddy we're going to blah blah blah this weekend." Wherever she went, I went, and like wise. She was like a Siamese twin. The only different is that we choose to stick together.
So this is probably one of the hardest seperations I will go through this far in life. It is going to be hard to get used to not having you 2 minutes away, no one to make me cheese toasty, no one to dance the night away like we do, no one to do the retarded things we do.
Maddy, is the sort of girl that doesn't grow on you, you either love her from the minute you meet her or you don't. Maddy brings in the sunshine to my rainy days, she gives me the love and the reasurance that I always have her. The past 4 years you really have proven yourself that you do always stand by my side. We tried not being friends, but miserably failed. This year has been a great year, a year where I needed you more than anyone and a year where you made sure I got through it with my head up high. I will miss that.
I will miss everything about you. I will miss your smile that lights up every room, I will miss your squeezing hugs, I will miss your little surprise notes in my bags that you put to put a smile to my face, I will miss sitting and having coffee with you when the rain is pouring down, I will miss just having your hand there whenever I need something to grab on to.
So Madeleine Browning, we did it. We got through high school hand in hand. Unfortunately we won't be hand in hand this next chapter, But I will always be a phone call away. You are ready. I have taught you what I could now its time to use my wisedom and your determination and become the legend your were born to be. I can't wait to follow you the next four years. But until then, chin up high and always remember your rabbit.

Now go and make me proud.

Gummybear ♥ Rabbit