Sunday, April 1, 2012

can't get better than great

I have had an amazing week. In finding myself, sorting thoughts and seeing my Henrik. From Grand Canyon mountain and Sedona dessert trekking to Arizona sand dunes to California beach sunsets; I have loved  every moment of it. The adventures that have come our way have made things alot clearer. Why is it that everything is just a little bit better when he's around? Why does everything around us seem so small, all of a sudden? How can a person have such powers to switch my life around with just a smile? I don't know how he does it. but the most important thing is that he does. What this week made me realize is that you can go away, but you always have to come back. You can't run from problems, you have to deal with them, but only when you understand them through your own perspective. It is easy to get all wound up in other people's business and opinions that you easily start to forget about yourself and your own thoughts and feelings. I have learned that taking a step back or away from it, is healthy. I have learned that being on your own, is one of the most important thing to do for yourself in life. But the most important thing is having someone. Someone who is there with you through the struggles , who kisses your forehead and holds you tight at night. After not sleeping more than a couple of hours the past couple of weeks, just laying in Henrik's arms made me sleep like a baby this week.
I need him more than I can admit. He is by far my best friend and in about 6 weeks, he will be home again. And then I will never have to have another sleepless night. It will be the happiest day of my life, knowing I will never be without him.

I am finishing up my last days. I will get back to you on tuesday when I am back home! Then you will see some amazing photos from this fantastic week. This is just a little teaser from our afternoon.

See you all soon,