Thursday, April 12, 2012

tickel my pickel you wickel

Today was a good day. Started off with some crappy grey weather, so Mikaela and I decided to hit the gym! and yes we did! Sore as hell from my looooong work out yesterday, but still managed to push through. So good for us! :) Then the beautiful sun cracked through the clouds and I met up with my Amanda then had dinner with my mummy before she was heading for the airport. And now I am back home, to take a minute for my self and just chill out with my green tea and facial mask! Tonight I am going to go to bed early so that I have time fore a morning walk and maybe even work out before school that starts at 8.... We'll see! Tomorrow my older sisters, Johanna and Christina, are turning 27 and I can't wait to celebrate them in Skåne with the rest of the family! I haven't seen my girls in so long. Finally we are all coming together for the first time in a year! <3