Sunday, April 15, 2012

Good weekend

This weekend I went down to Skåne to visit my family and to celebrate my older sisters' 27th birthday. 
It was so great to see them all at the same time. Haven't seen them in a year, so it was nice to finally gather everyone! Johanna brought home her new boyfriend Edward and Christina brought her Johan with her. Grandma and Bertil also can, of course! :) It was nice and I miss it already. 
Fredsdal is our summer place and it is my favorite place on earth. It is huge and homey. It is in the middle of nowhere so when you go there, you can do absolutely nothing but relax. Take long beautiful walk, hang out with the family, swim in the pool during summers or watch movies in the cinema on rainydays or just sit in our little tea room and drink tea and read or something. I love it. It is so great and to me it is home. But now I am back in Uppsala and it is pretty great that as well! This week is a busy busy week, so stay tuned.