Thursday, April 5, 2012

Jacked it real gooood

Today my mother and I went to IKEA after loading the car I slam the backdoor right down on my head and jack a sharp thing right into. I fall to the floor completely blacked out, wake up a few seconds later having my hands covered in blood and me rolling on the floor screaming which in a second turned into laughing hysterically on the floor, having bunch of people surrounding me and questioning why the hell I was laughing. Then standing up to see the blood and cut, to passing out on the floor again. EVENTFUL. Now I am all patched up and good to go! Don't I look gorgeous! I wouldn't be tooo ugly bald. Just arrived at my mothers new apartment which I really love! I want to live here! Tomorrow morning we are going to a day spa and just pampering ourselves the entire day. How I love being on a break :)