Thursday, November 22, 2012

30 days until the world ends.

Have you thought about that... That it may actually happen. I dont really believe in the whole mayanns theory about the world coming to an end in 30 days... But what if it is actually true. What if we only do have 30 days left on this planet. What would you do? What would you like to try and experience? Is there anything that you would say to someone? Something that you have been holding back? Well thats the whole stupid thing about endings. You always wait until you HAVE to say it. But why do you HAVE to say something or do something just because it is coming to an end? There is a reason to why you have not done it or said it. There is a reason of fear. So now all of a sudden, when you believe that there is an ending you all of a sudden HAVE to do it. Because you have nothing to loose.

 Just because you get sick and you may die in a couple of months, doesn't mean you HAVE to travel the world and try all the things you always wanted to try and you say the things you "really mean" just because it is coming to an end. It really is something that I could punch someone in the face when they question; when people ask me "If you knew that you were going to die in a week, what would you do?" Well probably nothing out of the ordinary.I would do the things I KNEW I loved. Things I have been doing my entire life, spending time with the people I really loved, nothing special, just enjoying the things that matter. Traveling around the world to different places that you have never been before, just because some guide and movie said you HAVE to see these places before you die. That's absolutely ridiculous. What you don't know, won't harm you. You can't miss out on anything, when you don't know what it is like to experience it already. It's like, trying all kinds of new and different foreign food, that you may not like, but just because it looked good in a cook book you had to have it before you died. Instead of enjoying that regular hawaiian pizza that you love and can get from the pizza place next door?
My point is not to tell you what to do the next upoming 30 "last " days. But what I do think, is that we never really take the time to be grateful for the life we have. I have a friend called Sofia, and she is probably on of the most content people I have ever met. She is just content. She loves her life, just teh way it is. Even when she may stumble along some bumps on the road she focuses on the other things that level her and by that keeps a pretty stable life, therefore she is always content and forever will be. If these are my last 30 days,  I will do absolutely nothing different with my life than from what I did today.
If you want to say the things you want to say, say them. don't wait. Want to experience something, well then don't wait until you have no hair left on your head and can hardly move.
It's all about self fulfillment. If you are happy when you die, you know you have fulfilled everything you possibly could. Like I always say "The day when I die, will be the happiest day of my life."