Friday, November 2, 2012


Today this little fella came into the Oerwen family! His name is Bertil and he is my little sister Kajsa's puppy. Bertil is the most bad ass puppy there is out there. for sure. Other than that my day was spent trying to get my drivers license... No joke, I am about to give up. I am starting to think that it would be better if I spent my time trying to get rich, instead of trying to get my drivers licence. Because if I get rich, I can just hire a driver to drive me around anyways. Seriously... I just got back from seeing the James Bond movie. Definitely a must go!There is something about bond, that has made my love undeniable since I was about 5 years old. Tomorrow, I have a packed schedule! I have to go back to Groupon tomorrow for my final interview and then I have another meeting later on in the day. LIFE IS KIND OF EXCITING RIGHT NOW. :)