Sunday, November 4, 2012

You know, the weekends.

This weekend has flown by quickly! On friday I had my final interview at Groupon and before the day was over, they had offer me a position! :) I couldn't have been any happier!!! It was to my surprise and to many others that I landed that job! BUT I DID! Tomorrow I will receive another decision from the other company that I have had interviews with (won't tell what company before I know their decision) and after that I will know where my future holds. I don't know which job I want the most yet, but both of them are amazing and I would be lucky to get to work for either of the companies! I am just so happy that life is finally planning itself out a little bit. On Saturday Amanda came to visit me in Stockholm and we spent the day shopping and ate sushi and just walking around, cuddling up in the sofa with candle lights , doing facials at night and then making a luxurious dinner! It was the perfect saturday night! Today I have been finishing up my case for tomorrow and now I am off to watch a movie. It feels so good! It finally feels like I am starting to get routines into my life. I'm happy :)