Friday, November 30, 2012


Today was the first snow day in Sweden! This is a really awkward photo because you can't even see the snowflakes, which was the point the of the photo! But I do look wintery and that's why I will use it as a photo for this post. 
Well I just want to say I hate winter. I try to stay optimistic every year, but this year, I figured I don't need to. I am saving all my optimism for 2013! Then I am going all in! haha
This week has been a very hectic week, loads to do at work. Big and fun clients! But I am so excited for this weekend, a well needed one! Tonight my lovely Amanda comes to Stockholm to visit me, I couldn't long for her more! :) BRING ON FRIDAY AND A HAPPY DAY. - the snow. please go away. No one looks good in winter clothes. I want summer.