Friday, March 8, 2013

A game day!

Yesterday was such an amazing day. Started the day of by hanging on the beach with a couple of friends. Then we went to the game! Rabbitohs vs the Roosters! Rabbitohs of course one! then we went to this really nice whiskey bar. It was soooo nice! Had the best Whiskey Sour I have ever had! The place had a door in a back alley, looked so dodgy and then  when you walk down the stairs you step into this super cozy old amaerican whiskey bar with stuffed mooses and bear on the wall and everyone is dressed all nice. Then when that bar closed we went to this other bar where we watched an amazing band called Knives play. Either way, it was such a great day and night. I just love Sydney so much. Emma's friends are such great people. I just love everything here! I never want to leave :)