Friday, March 1, 2013

A Little summary

I spent a week in Cairns.

Went horse backriding in the jungle 

Shot some amazing bungee jump photos of the boys.

Sailed on the beautiful great barrier reef.

Went snorkeling in the great barrier reef!

Went scuba diving in the great barrier reef. Saw so many amazing things! Including being surrounded by 5 tiger sharks! By far the scariest moment of my life, but definitely the coolest thing I have ever witnessed. Definitely a story that I will share for the rest of my life. and Its probably a story no one will ever be able to beat either. BECAUSE IT WAS THAT AWESOME.

Swimming in the sea for the first time in  pretty much the past 10 years...

Reunited in Sydney with my Emma again :)

I'm in Sydney now. Unfortuntely the weather isn't very nice. But tomorrow the sun will be up, and I will be on the beach waiting for my future surfer husband. Catch you a Cogee beach! xoxo

Rest of the photos will be on facebook.