Friday, March 29, 2013

At the races

Yesterday we headed to the country to attend a girl called Gen's 21st. It was horse race theme and it was absolutely brilliant. It was so nice! I want a 21st party! I am going to invent those for Sweden. Unfortunately I lost my camera, so I only have these two left on my iPhone. And fortunately, I'm a real killer att removing redeyes, as you can see... Instead I get crazy eyes! :) No but it was such a great party and then I got to sleep in a Swag for the very first time, right underneath the star, so nice! My house is going to have a glass roof! I got to look up at my little Wini the entire night. My definition of a great night. Tomorrow we are off to Melbourne and we are exploring the great ocean road! Can't wait. Happy easter everyone! Catch you later. 

ta ta for now.