Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Yes, Stiniwini is getting sexy...

Today was probably the most exhausting day of my life. Physically that is. I ran to Bondi from coogee, took 1,5 hours in the 38 degree sun. Get to bondi to jump into the refreshing water. Then I was sitting on the beach and two guys were stretching next to me. One of the guys had a really nice board so I started asking him about his board and what not. Well about 15 minutes later, I was heading out with the board and ended up surfing with them for 3 hours. I was completely DEAD after that. But I got some really great waves and even tubed a bit! As I was dried up I realized I had to walk all the way back to Coogee beach which would take me 2 hours in the sun as well, all up and down. I finally reach the house, completely DRAINED. When I remember that I have my sunset Yoga class in 30 minutes! And it isn't a normal yoga class, this is a advanced Vinyasa Yoga, which means strength training and enduring exercises. SERIOUSLY, f**k me.
But it was amazing. One of the best days. 

This is how beautiful I was after my 1,5 hour run in the sun.

This is my amazing little Yoga Studio that I go to, which overlooks Coogee beach. You can hear the waves and feel the refreshing breezes. So nice. And sunset yoga is absolutely amazing.

Thank you for another amazing day.