Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm a muggle

Woke up at St. Johns college, at Sydney University, with Emma, after having my very first real australian college party experience. This view was from the bed we were sleeping in. Now I really know how Harry feels when he wakes up in the mornings.

Having breakfast in St. John's breakfast hall... yepp, these are my muggels. 

This is the back of St. John's College.  St. John's is a dorm at Sydney Univeristy.

Obviously, had to jump around for a bit to get the breakfast going in out stomachs, and to get some nice shoots of course! :)

This is just a few photos from when I was walking Emma to her class. HOW BEAUTIFUL ISN'T THIS?

Had lunch with Emma at a really cute café at her uni. 

Just sat on the benches drinking coffee and writing in my diary and looking at all the beautiful people. I have always thought that Swedish people were the best looking people in the world, well that was before I visited Australia. 

Just waiting for Emma outside her class for a bit and staring up at the bluest sky I had probably ever seen. Sunny, but not boiling hot. Just perfect.

Found a Canvas that I want for my apartment.

Emma and I posing for an asiangirl when she takes our photos for about 10 minutes... Not one was in focus..

Yepp that was my day! Pretty freakin' great!
I love Australia. But I have to say that I am absolutely crazy about Sydney University. It is absolutely amazingly beautiful. Uppsala, can shove it compared to this.
I will definitely move to Sydney one day. It's on my bucket list! :)