Monday, August 6, 2012


I know I have been very MIA the past week, but I have just been trying to focus on myself. I have started a meditating class which is 3 hours everyday, and it has really been such a good class to really dig deep into your thoughts and feelings. What I love about meditating is how relaxed you get, and once you start feeling the control, you learn to control yourself in such ways that you can just go back to that place peaceful mindset when you get stressed or worked up about something. It really is very healthy to have control of yourself, and I don't think alot of people do. I think people often let their emotions control them, which in the long run never really gets you anywhere. Some people think meditating is stupid, but finding that "third eye" you are able to touch your feelings, and then you can press on them how much you want and really feel them. It is like "massaging" your feelings haha. The harder you push, the more it hurts, but the pain releases quicker. So it is definitely something you should try! Find your inner focus and feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel :) 

Yesterday it was crayfish party and goodbye party for my friend Emilia who is moving to Miami for a year. It was so great seeing everyone as always! It was my first Swedish crayfish party, which usually is a tradition here in Sweden. So it was alot of fun!