Sunday, August 12, 2012

I don't shit rainbows.

I am one of the most open people I know. Besides my friend Maddy, I'm probably the most open person you will ever meet. Most people think they know me alot better than they do, because I tell them everything they want to know. I have this theory which I have lived by my entire life; if you ask me a question, any kind of question, I will give you my answer and my opinion. No matter what the question may be. Because I admire people who dare to ask whatever they want, even if it is inappropriate or personal. But as open as I am, and as much as I like to tell you everything I am thinking, I don't. But just now, I questioned myself, why not? Why not be brutally honest about what goes on in my head. Some people won't give a crap and some may find it fascinating.
 Outwards, I am a happy girl and nothing can break my wall, not even a parents abandonment or a heartbreak. But, on the inside,  there is a whole other story. I stand up for my opinions and belief, so why not share them, I would do it if you asked me. I like to write about people who come into my life or interesting people that I meet, because I love to share my opinion on stuff and of course people and my friends. Because I love to express my love! So why not do that about all the other crappy stuff in life as well, because it is also the hard stuff and the frustrating stuff that makes me into the individual I am.
I am proud of all the things I have accomplished in my life, but I would never have accomplished them if it weren't for the wrong turns, and I would most definitely not appreciate my accomplishments if I didn't know how it felt to feel crap once in a while.
Because believe it or not, I do feel pretty shitty from time to time. But what I also do is that I appreciate it so much more when things are going well and I use that load of positive energy to the fullest and try to spread it as much as I can when I have it.