Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love love.

I took this photo when I was walking on the beach one morning. The girl came running up out of the water in tears and passed me in a hurry. Just a few feet behind her this boy ran with his surfboard right after her. I was about 15 meters away and I couldn't understand the foreign language that they were speaking. But the boy held the girl's face and wiped away her tears with his kisses. Then as she was calming down and telling him something in a sobbing voice, he held her tight on her hips and stared into her eyes. Without even saying a word as she stopped speaking, he just kissed her on the forehead. And She smiled and tugged tight in his arms. It was such a breathtaking moment.  I couldn't move, I had goose bumps down my entire spine and the warmth from their love spread through my body.

This is what love is. This is what life is about. About sharing the pains and sorrows with someone just as much as the happy time. Love is about being able to be vulnerable to someone. Giving them everything that is in your heart and trusting them. Because just their existence makes everything okay. The boy didn't even need to say a word, a kiss on the forehead was all the reassurance the girl needed to stop crying and get out in the water again. This is true love. Knowing that no matter what, you always have someone running after you.

This is why I don't want to be single, this is what I live for. Being single is healthy for you, to find yourself and knowing your grounds. I do like that part. But sharing this un-dying feeling for another person and trusting someone with all your heart is the best and most dangerous feeling in the world. It can be taken away in a heartbeat. But it can also last forever.
Love is about sharing everything there is to share with someone. With sharing comes trust, with trust comes love and with love comes happiness. And happiness can only be real, if shared.
I like being happy on my own, but it does not compare to the feeling when your happiness is shared with another person. Sharing moments and memories with someone is far better and more grand than experiencing everything on your own. I much rather be surfing in the water and killing myself in the waves with someone who can push me forward, rather than struggling with the waves on my own. Because one day, you both can be sitting and reliving the moment together and knowing you made it because you had each other.

 It's the best feeling in the world and I can't wait to be holding someones heart and trust again and having someone owning my heart and love forever.
I love love. it is by far the most beautiful thing in this world.