Friday, August 17, 2012

I love Biarritz

If you haven't visited Biarritz, you must go! It's has this European Hawaii/california feeling over it. The surfing is absolutely amazing!!! The people are so beautiful, tanned and toned!! Everyone. Even the little kids. I have never seen such beautiful 9 year olds as I did today, little surfer boys. Well to sum it up down here, all we do is surf, surf, surf and eat and sleep! Tanning is way too hot! The waves are soooo big here. I have been near life death experience already, but when you are 150-200 meters out in the ocean and crowding yourself with all the other surfers and it's completely calm and you are just sitting on your board and chilling and all of a sudden this massive wave just comes towards you and all surfers start paddling and your adrenaline hits the roof, catching that wave is one of the best feelings in the world. I just had to share this. Now I'm off to bed, have to get up early for our final surf day. Stay tuned for some amazing photos! And in the meanwhile add me on instagram: aswedishfruisalad

Nighty night. S