Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012, 2013 is taking over!

So to sum up this year, it is safe to say that it has been my year of friendship!
I think due to alot of things that have happened this year, I have really learned who are my real friends.
I have learned that in the end, you only have yourself. I have learned that it doesn't matter how much you give or is willing to give for another person, it takes two to tango.

I have been wanting this year to be over for so long, and to just put everything inside a box and forget the whole year. BUT to tell you the truth, I don't want that. I want to remember this year, as the most developing year of my life.

I lost my own base, but I have slowly started to build my own. and I have done it all by myself! of course, through the encouragement of my friends, but I have done it my way and I have accomplished it!
I know it's a very cliché thing to say, but I am very proud of myself. And it is the first time in my life, where I actually have a reason to say "I'm awesome!". I really think I am. Because I have powered through some pretty extreme stuff this year, and I have not once tipped off the edge. I have been close, but I have always pulled myself above the surface and I have smiled through everything. I have really focused on the good stuff in life, and the little things that make life worth fighting for. It has given me a great appreciation to the people who have stuck by me through everything, and a huge appreciation to myself for staying this strong.

So even if I could rewind this whole year and redo the whole thing, I wouldn't. Because this year has really molded me into the adult that I have become. Because I am no longer the Stina that I was 12 months ago, I am not only 1 year older, I am more insightful, I am wiser than I have ever been, I am  less naive, and hell of a lot stronger.
And thanks to that, I know that 2013, will be my year of pursuit of happiness. Because I now have a whole new level of appreciation for happiness and love! So for everyone who's stuck by me and still cheering me on, 2013 will be my year when I give back all the positive energy you guys have given me!

SO 2013, will be my year of true love and happiness! CHEERS EVERYONE! :)

Don't forget to smile!