Sunday, December 2, 2012


This weekend was such a feel good weekend. It was the beginning of the beautiful christmas! I am usually crazy about christmas, but this year I haven't really been feeling it. Which is weird, because I am usually excited about pretty much everything that has to do with a celebration. But today the sun was bright and the ground was covered in crystal white snow! So so beautiful. I began my day with such a freshing walk, and everyone was outside; all the kids were running around like crazy and the parents were running after them. I couldn't stop listening to christmas carols, especially "All I want for christmas is you", it definitely gets stuck  and sticks with you. Then I met up with a few friends for brunch and then i went shopping for new work clothes! and I sure did buy a whole lot! :) After that it was dinner and a movie with family and family friends. Tomorrow I have a big day, actually a VERY big day, at work! So I need to get my beautysleep and win those suckers over!