Saturday, December 29, 2012

That was my year; 2012.

2012 is finally coming to an end! When I am looking at this previous year, I can only say that too much has happened to even begin to explain. But I have decided to sum up the best moments from 2012:

In january I moved back to Sweden, after living in San Diego for nearly 4 months.
And as a christmas present I got my bear, which I got incredibly too attached to. Believe it or not, but I have never found as much comfort from anything in my life as that spirithood gave me. 

In mid February I went back to San Diego to visit.

I got to celebrate my favorite holiday! VALENTINES! And I got to celebrate it like they do in America; BIG. 

In mid March I went to Las Vegas!!

Made a stop in Sedona, to see some amazing scenery and take some fabulous photos! :)

Then I went to Grand Canyon! Which has been a dream of mine my entire life. It was absolutely amazing. And By far the best get-away trip I have ever done. 

As I was heading from Grand Canyon back to San Diego, the car got hit by a huge truck tire (a near death experience) and completely ruined the car. Got stranded in the middle of nowhere. Kind of sucked, but knowing me, I made the most of it and played with the sand dunes!

Got back to San Digeo and enjoyed the beautiful sunsets and sunrises. Everytime when I was in San Diego this spring, I went out to the boardwalk to have morning coffee att 5 am. It was probably one of my favorite things from this year. so meditating. 
In spring this beautiful girl entered my life! AMANDA! She is like no other. 
She cares for everyone around her, and she really shows it. She was insistant that we would become friends, and she sure made it happen! and it went fast! Because quickly she became one of the absolute best things about this year. 

Spring hit Uppsala at the end of April! And it was time for Valborg! 

The end of May it is the annual Spring Bal, which we all know I am absolutely crazy about! 
Everyone is gorgeous and the weather is absolutely beautiful.  SUMMERTIME WAS HERE!

Second week of June, I needed to escape. So I did and took a last minute ticket to Santorini. 
It was one of the most needed and best vacations I have ever had. 

Then It was midsummer down in Skåne with some friends at my summer place. 
My best friend Josefine, had finally moved back from Canada. We weren't very close before we moved apart from one and other, in the fall, but we got really close over skype, and our friendship has really blossomed this year, and today she is by far one of my bestest friends.

In the beginning of July it was STINIWEEK! And for the first time in many many months, my family reunited for mine and Kajsa's birthday.

Then it was Stiniday! I celebrated with having a rainbow party. Where I served rainbow cupcakes and rainbow campagne! Then we headed out to Grönlund, an amusement park in Stockholm!

In the end of July, Emelie asked me if I wanted to go roadtrippin' with her all over Sweden (or at least that is what it felt like.) I got to see loads of Sweden, but it was also the first time I had pretty much hung out with Emelie all my myself. Which was nice, because she is one of my closest friends, but I don't think I had gotten to know her very well until then. So I really enjoyed that roadtrip! And I also got to see my Sofia and her life in Gothenburg for a night! And everyone knows who Sofia is! She is my other mother. Without having a father, I need an extra mother! :) and she is more important to me than you could ever imagine.
When I had just split with my ex, this girl opened her arms and life to me and really took me in. 
She was such a lifesaver! I got to know each other when we were 14 years old at a camp, and we have always kept in touch ever since. But we haven never been close until this year. She was like my guardian angle. She knew what I needed and she handed me everything I could possibly ever ask for. 
I am so so so so happy that she came into my life at that point. Perfect timing. 

The beginning of August, I did another last minute getaway with my friend Olga, down to Biarritz, where we went surfing for 4 days. A well needed a vacation at the time. 

Then summer was over and I moved back to Uppsala. Didn't really have a place to live so my best friend Christoffer took me in! This half year, he has been my everything. He has really supported me through everything that I have been going through and really helped me power through. He is the reason why I am still walking today. Loads of tears , but so much more laughter! He is by far one of the best people I have ever met. I'm going to make this friendship last forever and ever!
In September, My returning friend from San Diego moved to Uppsala! Lovisa and I clicked right when we met in San Diego. We didn't really keep in touch during spring, but as soon as she landed in Uppsala she was right back where she left! She is one of the strongest and most beautiful friends I have. We really bring out the best in one and other. And I couldn't be more happy that she is back in my life! :)

In September I met Emma! And we had literally known each other for about 30 seconds when this photo was taken! :) BUT we clicked right away. We randomly ran into one and other at the Kevin Murphy airshow that I got to "model" for. Since I moved to Stockholm, she has really taken me under her wing and invited me to everything there is to be invited to. I have also gotten to know her friend Nathalie, who really is a free spirited and a very lovable girl as well! I am very grateful for the two of them! :)

Anni, is another girl I am very grateful for . We met during this summer but we have gotten alot closer this fall! She just moved back to Stockholm, after living in the UK for 3 years. So we are both in the same place, which has been very nice! We are alot like one and other, and I cheerish our friendship alot. 

Emma came to visit me in Uppsala for a weekend in the end of September. I am so happy that she finally came to visit, because she came right when I needed her :) 

In October, Jenny Moon came and visited me! It was soooooo great to see her. Since I haven't seen her in 2 years. She is one of my closest frined from KL, and she is definitely someone whom I have grown alot closer to this year, and especially the last couple of months. I am very very VERY happy for that.

In November I moved from Uppsala, to start my new life in Stockholm and began working at Media Planet.

Then it was Swedish House Maffia! Which I went to see with some girlfriends. But this one in the picture is Anna Wallin. She is someone I have known since I was a little girl, but never really got to know. When she moved to Stockholm this spring, we instantly clicked! 
She is freespirited beautiful girl who has alot of wisdom to share. I have a fond respect for her and I learn from her everytime I see her. She has also been a great support this year. We are alot alike, but we have a lot to learn from one and other! 

This December, I went down to Skåne to celebrate christmas with my family. 
And it was the perfect way to sum up this year. 
I am so happy for all my sisters and my mother! Kajsa and I have gotten alot closer the past couple of months and that has really been one of the best things from this year.  But most importantly, I am so proud of my mom and how amazing strong she has been this year, really shown me what a great role model I have. 

As you see, this year has really given me many great and beautiful friendships. I am so happy for you all, and I just really wanted everyone to know how appreciative I am for you all. 
I may have lost sum, but I have really gained alot more.