Thursday, December 6, 2012


I think it is easy for people to get all up wounded up in the hectic lives we live. Always having something to do, running errands, seeing people, working out. Constantly doing something.  I know for myself that I am one of those people, I am constantly on the move. Always doing something. Of course I love that. I love seeing my friends if I get the chance. If I have been working all day, I want to see friends and unwind. But the thing is, is that real unwinding? No, because even though it is always fun seeing people for dinners and events or maybe even just a coffee, you are still running at a fast pace, or at least your head is. But this morning I woke up and went for a little walk down to strandvägen, which is a street by the sea in Stockholm and just stood still and sipped my morning coffee. There are meters of snow outside, but Stockholm has never been more beautiful. There was not one single person outside. It was completely dead, just the beauty of this winterwonderland. It was an amazing feeling. I stood there for maybe 20-25 minutes. Not very long. But it was all I needed to just hear my own thoughts for the first time this week. It was refreshing and relieving. So don't forget to just wait up for a minute every now and then and just listen, look around, observe. It's the little things that do it.