Thursday, December 6, 2012


The past couple of days have been really busy, so I haven't had a chance to blog!
But yesterday there was a major snow storm that covered and buried Stockholm under 10 meter snow! Well not really, but pretty much. It snowed ALL day. So bad that we could hardly walk outside... Mediaplanet had to order food to the office so that we didn't have to go outside. Later on that night I got to see Robby! Who came for a visit to sweden! Robby is my best friend Madeleine browning's brother. It feels like I have known him as well for 7 years! Considering how close maddy and I are, he's like family to me. He is just as crazy as she is! No, but seriously, they really are one of a kind those two. So I had an excellent night with him and his friend! Today is work and some Christmas shopping with them. =) Lets cross these fingers that it soon stops snowing. It's gorgeous, so I shouldn't complain! Better than rain!