Monday, December 17, 2012

My daily gesture

I was just walking home from work, haven't had the "bestest" of days, but as I am walking up to the big square Östermalmstorg, in the middle of it all, all alone, a man in standing and playing christmas songs with his trumpet. All of a sudden I have goosebumps rushing down my spine and spreading all over my body and the biggest smile cross my face.
So I thought to myself; "I have to do something!" because that man just gave me the most needed smile of my life, and he just made my day without even trying or knowing it. I didn't have any change on me, so I ran into Åhléns and bought him a pair of gloves and a pair of christmas socks, I made them wrap it into a big christmas present and then I went out and gave it to him. I said "This is the first time yet this year that I am have gotten excited about Christmas. you have no idea what a huge favour you just did for me!" Then I hugged him! I couldn't help it, but he made me so happy.
That is when it hit me. I now know what I am going to do for christmas! For the first time in my life, I am making money, and I have no one to spend it on!! Soooo why not do a good gesture that will at least spread some love. So I have decided that on friday when I get my pay check, I am going to buy gloves and christmas socks to every single homeless person that I see everyday and say good morning to.
They don't even know what an impact they have on me everyday. Everyday when I pass them on the streets or in the subway, no matter how bad life is for me or how upset I may be, everytime I see them they remind me that life can be so much worse. Yes, that may sound so cliché and people will think "yea right!" no but seriously, they do. That is why I give them fruits or buy them bread on my way to work almost everyday. So why not, make them a little bit happier and make them feel a little bit more special on the day when you should be nothing but loved and happy!
Just a thought to everyone. I hope you all do the same :)