Saturday, December 22, 2012

Its only 2 days left until Christmas :)

The past week has been a really busy week and loads have happened! Everything from workload, to birthday celebration, christmas parties, dinners (loaddddds of dinner!), meditating classes, dance performance, christmas shopping, and heading down to my house in Skåne! A very busy non-stop week.
But I am finally down in Skåne for a couple of days to celebrate christmas with family and friends. Loads of people are coming here, so it is going to be a very good christmas :)
I love coming home, because everytime I return back to our house, my mom has always done something new to it! And this time, she has redone mine and kajsa's room! It's Very nice :) I love my home, there really is no place like it.
So for the next upcoming days, I shall do nothing, but relax, for the first time in MONTHS! Im going to  spend time with my family, read books, go for long walks, take baths and jump into the sauna and see my friends in Lund! A very well needed week! Here are some photos from this week!